Welcome to the ANGFA Aquatic Survey Database Site
This database is used to record the results of Aquatic Surveys taken by ANGFA members throughout Australia, New Guinea and nearby Islands.
The gallery page shows albums of the photos in the database.

The search page allows for a variety of searches to be made.

For those with suitable access, the data section allows entry and update of Aquatic Survey data.

What is included on the surveys recorded in the database is only what was actually found on that survey, and thus may not be a full list of everything that may be found at each site.
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Welcome to the new look ANGFA Aquatic Survey database
Survey entry has been enhanced by the addition of a "smart" searchbox to make selections easier.
You just start typing in the names (or part thereof).

Data entry navigation for site / survey entry has been improved.
When entering data for sites, a dropdown list of all of the official drainage basins for the state is now available. Maps of the states drainage basins are also available.

A list of the most recently entered surveys is now at the base of the "Statistics" area.
The search results for fish / animals & plants now shows as a family / genus / species tree.

Number of Fish 626
Number of Animals 224
Number of Plants 288
Number of Surveys 522
Recent Additions...
SurveyWater Body
1984-12-16 Castaways Creek
1984-12-16 Casteway Ck
1982-01-10 Tibrogargan Creek
1992-12-02 Tibrogargan Creek
1984-10-20 Noosa River