ANGFA Fish Reference Data
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  Family Scientific Name Common Name  
AMBASSIDAEAmbassis interruptusLong spined Glassfish       
AMBASSIDAEAmbassis jacksoniensisPort Jackson Perchlett    
AMBASSIDAEAmbassis macleayiMacleays Glassfish, Reticulated Perchlet             
AMBASSIDAEAmbassis macracanthusEstuarine Glass Perchlet    
AMBASSIDAEAmbassis marianusEstuary Perchlet    
AMBASSIDAEAmbassis miopsFlag-tailed Glassfish 
AMBASSIDAEAmbassis speciesNorthwest Glassfish       
AMBASSIDAEAmbassis urotaeniaBleeker`s Glass Perchlet 
AMBASSIDAEAmbassis vachelliiVachellis Glassfish    
AMBASSIDAEDenariusa australisPennyfish             
AMBASSIDAEParambassis altipinnisHigh-finned Glass Perchlet    
AMBASSIDAEParambassis confinisSepik Glass Perchlet    
AMBASSIDAEParambassis gulliveriGiant Glassfish          
AMBASSIDAETetracentrum apogonoidesFour-spined Glass Perchlet    
AMBASSIDAETetracentrum caudovittatusKokoda Glass Perchlet    
AMBASSIDAETetracentrum honessiHoness` Glass Perchlet    
ANABANTIDAEAnabas testudineusClimbing Perch (introduced) 
ANGUILLIDAEAchiraphicthys kampeniFreshwater Snake-Eel    
ANGUILLIDAEAnguilla australisShort-finned Eel       
ANGUILLIDAEAnguilla bicolorIndian Short-finned Eel, Northern Eel    
ANGUILLIDAEAnguilla marmorataGiant Long-finned Eel 
ANGUILLIDAEAnguilla megastomaPacific Long-finned Eel 
ANGUILLIDAEAnguilla obscuraPacific Short-finned Eel 
ANGUILLIDAEAnguilla reinhardtiiMarbled Eel, Long-finned Eel          
ANTENNARIIDAEAntennarius biocellatusBrackish Water Anglerfish 
APLOCHITONIDAELovettia sealiiTasmanian Whitebait    
APOGONIDAEApogon amboinensisAmbon Cardinalfish 
APOGONIDAEApogon hyalosomaMangrove Cardinal Fish 
APOGONIDAEGlossamia aprionMouth Almighty             
APOGONIDAEGlossamia beaufortiBeaufort`s Mouth Almighty    
APOGONIDAEGlossamia gjellerupiGjellerupi`s Mouth Almighty    
APOGONIDAEGlossamia narindicaSlender Mouth Almighty    
APOGONIDAEGlossamia sandeiSande`s Mouth Almighty    
APOGONIDAEGlossamia trifasciataThree-Barred Mouth Almighty 
APOGONIDAEGlossamia wichmanniWichmann`s Mouth Almighty    
ARIIDAEArius augustusShort Barbelled Catfish    
ARIIDAEArius berneyiBerneys Catfish, Lesser Salmon Catfish    
ARIIDAEArius carinatusComb-spined Catfish    
ARIIDAEArius coatesiCoates` Catfish    
ARIIDAEArius crassilabrisThick-lipped Catfish 
ARIIDAEArius graffeiLesser Salmon Catfish, Blue catfish       
ARIIDAEArius latirostrisBroad-snouted Catfish 
ARIIDAEArius leptaspisLesser Triangular Shield Catfish, Salmon Catfish    
ARIIDAEArius macrorhynchusSharp-nosed Catfish 
ARIIDAEArius midgleyiSilver Cobbler, Shovel-nose Catfish       
ARIIDAEArius noxComb-gilled Catfish    
ARIIDAEArius solidusHard-palate Catfish    
ARIIDAEArius tayloriTaylor`s Catfish    
ARIIDAEArius utarusNorthern Rivers Catfish    
ARIIDAEArius velutinusPapillate Catfish    

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